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Excavators Do A Dangerous Job

According to OSHA, “Excavating is recognized as one of the most dangerous job in construction operations.” This is because excavators dig holes and trenches that can easily collapse if proper safety procedures are ignored or the soil is not analyzed correctly. An excavator operator has a very important job, one that requires a lot of knowledge and skill.

It may not look like the traditional excavator has changed much, but there are a lot of things happening in this part of the heavy equipment world. Many machines are being built as hybrids to save fuel, and each company tries to build the latest operating abilities into their product. But however fancy the excavator is, it’s only as good as the operator who runs it.

Excavator Operators Change Their Foundation

Since every excavator is changing the very ground it operates on, that operator needs to be able to assess changing conditions and respond in the best way possible. Whether it is digging a trench for a new community sewer system, clearing ground for a new high rise, mining, logging, disaster clean up, or something else, and excavator is one of the machines you will see being used. In each case, there are swiftly changing conditions and an operator who must know what to do.

Because an excavator operator does such a dangerous job, it’s very important to be trained properly. At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School there is the experience of decades combined with the ability to adapt to the industry standards of the future. We are the recognized leaders in training heavy equipment operators for all the industries who rely on this important skilled trade.

You get the knowledge that gives perspective on a situation along with the experience that provides the skills that will continually develop on the job to make even the most dangerous jobs ones that can be done safely and professionally.

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