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Reasons Accidents Happen On The Job

Accidents happen in every job and being an heavy equipment operator is a big responsibility because the machines are big. The size and weight of all the metal, along with moving parts, changing ground conditions on the site, and people not paying attention all add up to a potential for accidents you don’t find at a desk job. But without the skill of heavy equipment operators, very little would get done in a lot of industries. Here’s a short list of possibilities:

  1. People moving through the work area. 
  2. Unstable ground conditions causing tipping.
  3. Overhead obstructions, like tree limbs or power lines.
  4. Operator doesn’t have a sense of where the machine’s parts are, so blades or corners collide with things or people.
  5. Poor maintenance causing equipment failure or hazardous conditions like a greasy step.

This list isn’t the only reason accidents happen, it’s just some of the most common reasons that accidents happen around heavy equipment. The operator can reduce the chance for an accident simply by paying attention to the safety procedures that were a part of the training in an accredited school. It’s one thing to have been trained to do the job safely, but if you aren’t going to actually do the job safely, you are asking for trouble.

Employers look for accreditation in the training of heavy equipment operators because it gives them an idea of the quality of the training. Associated Training Services (ATS) is proud to be an Accredited Sponsor through the National Center for Construction Education & Research. We even helped them develop training programs and textbooks. ATS is also licensed by the boards of education in six states and certified for funding assistance programs like the Workforce Investment Act and military benefits.

If you are interested in showing an employer credentials from one of the top heavy equipment training schools in the country, our online application is a good place to start.

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