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Heavy Equipment Safety Is Your Responsibility

In today’s workplace, safety is the responsibility of everyone; employees, employers, workplace visitors and government agencies included. When it comes to earth moving equipment, heavy equipment safety training is a necessary requirement in all work places. The question then is, do you undertake that training as part of your heavy equipment training program or expect a future employer to deliver the training?

Most employers are running on thin margins in today’s economic climate. Given a choice between employing an individual who has already completed a heavy equipment safety course, and someone who hasn’t, you know who the employer is going to select. It makes sense then to ensure that when buying a heavy equipment training program, you check first on whether or not it includes a safety component.

Entering the heavy equipment workforce can be a tough undertaking so you need to have every possible box ticked. Employers are picky when it comes to new recruits, and they are taking a big gamble on someone who has little experience apart from that received during training. So what boxes do employers want ticked?

  • Training provided by a well known and respected organization
  • Training that follows national guidelines
  • Training that includes hands on experience
  • Training that includes heavy equipment safety as a core component

In fact, if your training is delivered by a well known and respected organization, then the chances are all the other boxes will get the automatic tick – that is why they are respected. As a student, it is still up to you to check on what is offered prior to signing on to the course. Heavy equipment training is a serious undertaking – heavy equipment safety is even more serious.

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