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The Past, Present, and Future of Safety

Have you ever visited an antique tractor show? Some of them have exhibit barns full of big equipment from the past, and the future of safety come a long way. You’d think there’d still be blood and entrails on some of the early farm equipment. It is so dangerous! Nothing protecting the rider/operator from the moving parts — the driver’s seat is a little metal thing suspended in mid-air above gears, and the foot controls are a recipe for disaster. It’s obvious that every safety measure in the history of heavy equipment has been the result of a tragedy.

That’s the past. Today, the present safety measures almost seem like an overload to many operators, but it’s a good idea to be reminded of why they are there. Safety isn’t something that can be completely regulated because an accident happens in real-time and can’t be predicted with accuracy. That’s why ATS trains every student in classroom knowledge of safety regulations and seat time application while operating real equipment because someone who knows the possibilities can respond faster than somebody who panics at a new situation. Accidents on the job are not always operator error, but the operator who is alert and well-trained can keep the accidents from compounding.

The future of heavy equipment safety is hard to predict because technology will let manufacturers design and build machinery that makes today’s heavy equipment look as scary as those exhibit barns full of antique death traps. But one thing is sure, if you get your training at an accredited provider with National Certifications the safety training will keep up with the times. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School has the experience from our past, the National Certifications right now for your training needs, and the commitment to maintain our high standards of training operators who know how to do the job safely in the future.

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