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Do You Qualify For Military Benefits?

Associated Training Services is a recognized training provider, approved for veterans and military educational assistance. There are many types of benefit packages, so it’s a good idea to contact our financial services department and ask if there’s something that fits your circumstance. Here’s a quick list of possibilities if you qualify:

  • the GI Bill could provide monthly subsistence payments while you are in training
  • the Montgomery GI Bill for pre-911 service members could help support your family
  • the Post-911 GI Bill allows up to $17,500 for tuition assistance
  • the Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is for active duty members of the military and could give up to $4,500
  • National Guard and Reserve members might qualify for these or a state military benefits program
  • injured service members or their descendants may qualify for Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation benefits

Military benefits are provided by state and federal government programs because as a member of the military you have earned them. As Memorial Day gets closer, there will be more folks saying “thank You for your service,” and we say that too. Thank you for the ways you have sacrificed to serve. We appreciate it.

Getting certified training as a heavy equipment operator, crane operator, CDL driver, or rigger/signalperson doesn’t just give you a piece of paper. ATS is committed to helping you get a job once you become a graduate, as long as it takes. From the time you send in your online application, we will help you figure out which benefits you qualify for and provide career counseling if you need it so that your career is on track.

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