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Veterans in Demand

Many skills that are learned in the military are the same skills that are needed in many non-military industries. This is especially true when it comes to the world of construction, engineering and heavy equipment. The discipline and drive instilled in veterans are needed in this industry now more than ever, and with just a few weeks of training, veterans can go from the battle field to the construction site earning great wages in this pride-filled industry.

This industry, much like the military, is a results driven industry that will be a great fit for veterans of multiple military disciplines. There are many jobs in the military that lead directly to jobs in the heavy equipment and construction related fields, so the veteran can easily transfer this knowledge to become certified in multiple disciplines. Many choose to start with heavy equipment operator training and then move on to crane training or even rigger and signal person training. All of these classes are short and can get the veteran out on the work site quickly earning an excellent income.

There are also many other military professions that, although not directly related to construction, can make a smooth transition into this industry. After all, tank drivers can easily transfer their skills into driving a bulldozer. Many other drivers and operators of military vehicles and machinery can find rewarding careers in the heavy equipment fields, an easy transition.

The life of a soldier is one of constant training, which makes a veteran a great fit in the construction industry. This is an industry where a great deal of importance is put on training, mainly for safety, but also to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Heavy equipment training truly is a great fit for veterans of any discipline.

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