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Military Benefits

Military Benefits For Training Veterans

Associated Training Services would like to thank all military personnel and Veterans and wish you all a Happy Veterans Day.

Happy Veterans Day!

If you have served in the military, you have a GI Bill that is available to cover the cost of training at higher learning institutions that don’t offer college degrees. This allows a veteran to get trained to perform work such as truck driving, heavy equipment operator, mobile crane operator, certified as a rigger/signalperson, and horizontal directional drilling operator.

The amount of funds available depends on the specific GI bill that is being utilized and the kind of non-college-degree school or training that you are pursuing. Payments will be issued on a monthly basis after you have completed training with the monthly entitlement being based on the clock hours that you attended training for each week of the month. The Post-9/11 GI Bill pays the actual net costs of in-state tuition for non-degree granting schools or the national maximum, whichever is the least amount. There is a monthly housing allowance based on the school’s location and up to $83 is available for books and supplies monthly.

You can use your GI bill or educational benefits from your military service toward various vocational training and non-degree programs. If you need a CDL to drive a truck for a living, your VA benefits can help you cover the cost of the specialized truck driving school that you attend. You should check with the financial counselors at the school you plan to attend to learn about your benefits would come into play while you are attending a program there. That way, you can properly plan for the cost and know how much – if any – you would be responsible for.

Training for Career Opportunities

Construction workers and truck drivers are in demand. These are two growing fields in need of skilled employees. Because this is a growing field, you could benefit significantly from specialized training. You could use some VA or military benefits for training at ATS. The mission of ATS is to be an industry-leading educational institution that offers effective vocational training while maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity. ATS trains veterans to go into various positions and fields in the workforce.

Your VA or military benefits can be used to participate in any of the many programs available at ATS. Educational opportunities are available in mobile crane operation, horizontal directional drilling, rigger/signalperson certification, heavy equipment operation, or truck driving. If you would like to learn more about the educational programs available at ATS, or how you can use your GI bill toward funding your career goals by participating in ATS educational programs, call (800) 383-7364.

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