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Number of Tower Cranes

Number of Operating Tower Cranes

Increase in the Number of Operating Tower Cranes Across the United States

A tower crane operator has an important job. They are going to maneuver heavy loads by shifting their heavy loads from one area to another part of the worksite. To operate one of these tower cranes, the construction worker must undergo extensive training and understand how to safely and professionally operate the equipment.

While there is growth in the construction industry, the role of tower crane operators may be seeing more growth than any other role in the construction industry. The number of crane operators declined by 7.16 percent from 2016 to 2017 dropping from 60,478 crane operators to 56,148 crane operators.

The 2017 workforce consisted of 56,100 crane operators, who have an average salary of $58,486, which is $6,421 per year more than the average annual salary for workers in the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 7.4 percent growth rate for the workforce during the next decade, but they expect to see a greater demand for additional crane operators with an 8.48 percent increase in crane operators during that same 10-year period.

Why The Need For More Crane Operators?

The growth of the country remains strong and building projects and construction work is continuing. With the need for better infrastructure and the construction and updating of roads, bridges, and so forth, there is an increase in the number of construction workers needed – including those who can operate cranes to lift the heavier things on the job site.

The demand for crane and tower operators is expected to be greater than the national average for workers in general, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the increase in demand, many companies will increase salaries and improve benefits so they can be more competitive and recruit higher quality and better-trained crane operators.

Crane Operator Training

To operate a crane, the worker must undergo extensive training to get the proper certifications. ATS offers crane operator training programs and even has obtained a new tower crane to use for training those who want to pursue a career in the field. Call (800) 383-7364 to learn more about the training programs available.

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