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Construction Jobs

Construction Jobs Increase by 4,000

Reports have indicated that there were 4,000 construction jobs added during May 2019. The Associated General Contractors of America reported that during the last 12 months there has been a 3 percent increase, which totals 215,000 new jobs. That is a significant construction jobs increase.

The number of those in the construction industry looking for employment is at a record low. The lowered unemployment rate and the increase in jobs are being credited to a tight job market instead of a decrease in projects. Many experts expect the trend to continue.

According to the Association, the construction industry’s unemployment rate is even lower than the unemployment rate throughout the country overall. While the average salary in the construction industry is 10 percent greater than employment in the private sector, the number of openings for workers in the construction field continues to climb.

Looking At Unemployment Rates

In May 2018, the construction industry had an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent. One year later – in May 2019 – the unemployment rate for the industry had dropped to 3.2 percent. Looking at the numbers, that is a drop from 415,000 to 294,000 construction workers. Both the unemployment rate and the actual number of unemployed construction workers were at their lowest since 2000.

A government report indicated that in April 2019 there were 360,000 construction job openings in April 2019. That figure was the highest in the last 19 years of recordkeeping for that specific detail. The average hourly rate in the construction industry is $30.68, and that amount is about 10 percent higher than the average rate of $27.83 in the private sector.

Since there is a limited number of workers available, many companies offer construction workers better benefits and are increasing pay rates. More construction companies are working diligently to recruit the most experienced and better-trained workers to fill any open positions.

Getting The Right Training

If you are interested in a construction career, you should get the proper training so you can be prepared for the job. Associated Training Services (ATS) offers a variety of hands-on training programs. Call us today to learn how we can help you get on track to a new career.

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