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No Matter The Weather, The Trucks Keep Rolling On

There have been interesting images from around the world this week. In the UK and Europe, heavy snow has closed roads, airports, and even main highways. In Australia, heavy rain has flooded thousands of acres closing highways and railways. In recent months there have been images from China of highways blocked with traffic traveling at speeds measured in feet per hour. The one image that stands out from those three regions has been the rows of trucks all brought to a standstill. We are fortunate here. In most states, the highways remain open and the traffic flows smoothly, especially the trucks.

What the world has in common is that their economies are very much based on their ability to transport goods from one area to another. We are no different in that regard so that makes the role of a truck driver fairly important. In our modern society, if the trucks didn’t get the food through, we would all starve since most of us have no idea how to grow our own food. In the major cities, there’s hardly a square foot of ground suitable for growing food as it is.

Truck drivers can be undervalued by society, however, truck drivers do know how important their roles are so they endeavor to do everything possible to get their loads delivered. It takes a lot of skill to handle a large truck when roads are icy or wet, skill that starts with good quality truck driver training followed up by hours of in-the-drivers seat experience. ATS are one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to truck driver training. We highly respected within the trucking community. Our graduates, once they obtain their commercial drivers licenses, are well considered when applying for truck driving vacancies.

If truck driving is a career that appeals to you, then contact us here at ATS. We can discuss your truck driver training options, including where you can undertake your training, and when the next training courses commence. It doesn’t matter the weather, ATS truck drivers keep on moving.

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