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How To Get A Start As A Truck Driver

Truck driving has been one of those careers that have remained relatively stable no matter what the economy is doing. There is one real fact about life – we need to eat, and because most of us know little about how to grow our own food, our supermarkets thrive. Truck drivers are the link between your supermarket and the producers of that food so the more we eat, the more truck drivers we need.

So how do you get a start as a truck driver? There are two basic requirements – a commercial drivers license (CDL) and truck driver training. In fact, you need the truck driver training to get a commercial drivers license. They are the basic requirements – however, both of those will never guarantee you a job since you lack the one component that most businesses require – experience. Of course, if you know someone who’s in the business, you maybe able to get them to help gain a foothold – you could always try.

What you may not know is that you already know someone who has the ear of the trucking industry. We do. We have a database of over 10,000 trucking companies from all around the nation. They know that we deliver thorough training and that graduates walk out of doors ready, willing, and very able to work in the transport industry. This is not a reputation that was built overnight, this is a reputation that has stood the test of almost 50 years – and that means we have sent a lot of drivers out into the workplace.

How do you get a start as a truck driver? Your first step is to call us to discuss your training options. From there we will do everything possible to get you licensed, and to then help you find that first job. Who are we? We’re Associated Training Services and we have have been training prospective truck drivers since 1963 – can we help you join that list of successful truck drivers?

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