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Loader Training Complements Backhoe Training

As a general rule backhoes are machines that have an excavator type tool at one end and a front end loader type tool at the other end. If you undertake front end loader training then are you are completing the requirement for a front end loader as well as the loader tool on a backhoe. You will only need to undertake the excavator component of backhoe training to competent then to operate both machines.

Front-End Loaders are generally used for the movement or loading of sand, dirt, gravel, mud and other lose materials in a variety of work situations. Machine may be a traditional loader or loader end of a backhoe. Loaders can be used for digging but they are generally not efficient in that role. Loader training will take you through the various jobs that can be performed using a loader. As Mentioned in the preceding paragraph, loaders also form one half of a backhoe so it could be advisable to undertake backhoe training at the same time.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools we take that concept one step further. We include loader training, backhoe training and training on a variety of other heavy equipment in to the one training package. This means that at the completion of your training you will be skilled in a variety of heavy equipment machinery.

Having the skills in a variety of heavy equipment has a couple of advantages. The first is that your employment options wide open. You are not looking for work for one type of machinery. Just as importantly, you may have decided that operating a loader was the job for you. However, with some training companies, fees are not refundable so once you start a loader training course, you have to complete it or lose your money – bad luck if you decide half way through that you don’t like loaders and that perhaps a backhoe training course would have been preferable.

Through ATS you are covered across the broad spectrum of equipment. From bulldozers through to excavators, from loader training to backhoe training. If you decide that loader training wasn’t really for you – no worries because tomorrow you may be doing backhoe training, or bulldozer, or excavator. You have to admit that is a great way to start a career in heavy equipment – find which equipment suits you by experiencing all of them – don’t we call that multi skilling?

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