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Jobs Focus On Multi-Skilled Heavy Equipment Operators

It is becoming more apparent every week that employers are focusing more on multi-skilled heavy equipment operators. We have often promoted the benefits of adding new skills to your employment options, and the jobs listing from this past weekend certainly give credence to our stance. What is worth noting is the range of skills that employers are looking for.

There are many operators who tend to focus on just one piece of heavy equipment. Bulldozers have long been a favored option followed by excavators and loaders. Employers are now looking for individuals who can operate all three, and more. They are also showing a preference for heavy equipment operators who can also drive a tractor-trailer – obviously, that requires a commercial drivers license. One addition that stood from the jobs listing over the weekend was for an operator who could do all of the above, and also operate a crane. That requires training and certification as a crane operator.

Fortunately, you don’t need to dash out and undertake training across the board. If you are new to the industry, then selecting one area of training and completing that successfully is your first goal. Your second goal is to obtain employment and to gain as much experience on the job as possible. If you select heavy equipment as your preferred area, then be sure to seek employment where you will have exposure to a range of equipment, not just the one type.

For those already employed within the industry, undertaking further training will help boost your employment opportunities. If you are a heavy equipment operator, adding crane operator training and certification could cover two areas – operating a mobile crane, and obtaining a commercial drivers license (often required to drive a crane on the open roads). If you are a truck driver, consider adding a crane operators qualification, or heavy equipment training, to your skills list. As you can see from these heavy equipment jobs, employers are looking for multi skilled operators – and they will continue to do so for a long time.

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