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Complimentary Skills For Truck And Heavy Equipment Operators

Being multi-skilled is important in today’s work environment and while we have often discussed the benefits of having heavy equipment training and a commercial drivers license there are other skills that compliment both occupations. If you are multi-skilled, then you have more to offer employers. It also means you can step in to do another job when the need arises, without breaching any safety laws that may apply. Complimentary skills that you could consider include:

  • Fork Lift operations – being able to operate a forklift enables truck operators to load/unload their own trucks
  • Overhead crane operations – overhead cranes are used in a wide range of workplaces, particularly in warehousing
  • Signalperson qualifications – while you may spend much of your time operating heavy equipment, it’s handy to be able to be called on to work at ground level when required
  • GPS training – heavy equipment and modern trucks now rely on GPS to help complete tasks
  • Equipment maintenance – being able to maintain your equipment increases reliability and reduces down time

While training courses often include these components – for example, heavy equipment training may include fork lift, maintenance and some GPS training – it doesn’t hurt to build on these skills once you have developed your working skills. Some training establishments offer these skills individually while others may allow you to enroll and to complete modules that only relate to your specific area of need. For example, a truck driver completing the maintenance module for heavy equipment would be very handy if your job is to transport heavy equipment from site to site.

The more skills that relate to your career, the more employable you are. Employers value multi skilled employees over single skill employees all the time, so if the opportunity arises to build on your skills, grab that opportunity with both hands.

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