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Irene Testing The Ranks Of Heavy Equipment Operators

There’s nothing like a natural disaster to alter the balance in industry. When it comes to heavy equipment, the clean up following a natural disaster can really test the industry. Who has the greatest need – the road crew that is busy trying to finish a highway before winter sets in, or those who have suffered a lot of damage caused by the disaster? Irene is having a similar effect with heavy equipment operators, and often their equipment as well, putting their hands up to help with the clean-up.

What we do know is that the ranks of experienced heavy equipment operators is already dropping and events such as Irene can create vacuums of skilled operators in other areas. The industry is constantly on the lookout for new operators, particularly those with skills across a range of machinery. If you have a commercial drivers license, your value to employers is further enhanced.

Many will claim a lack of employment opportunities for heavy equipment operators – the truth is far from it. Heavy equipment operators are always in demand and there are times when that demand is heavier in different parts of the country. There will probably not be a shortage of heavy equipment operators down the east coast right now, but there will be elsewhere as operators are drawn to the east coast.

One of the interesting aspects of a heavy equipment career is that it is well suited to those who like to move around a little. The demand fluctuates around the country depending on the time of the year, any natural events such as fire, storm and earthquake, and state and federal government road and bridge building programs. If you have the wander bug and would like a career that may well support it, then consider a career as a heavy equipment operator – it could take you around the world.

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