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The Importance Of Riggers

The importance of Riggers

In any construction site, no matter what crane is being used, from the smallest loader crane to the largest tower crane, there is a certain amount of danger once a load is off the ground. Safety is a crucial aspect of any crane operation, and riggers are central to that safety, with the crane operator making up a team that…

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Rigging, OSHA, and Mobile Crane Operations

One of the most important jobs on the construction work site is that of rigger. The rigger is responsible for the safety of personnel working on the site, especially mobile crane operations. But they are subject to regulation and the regulatory authority for riggers is OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Heavy Equipment School Rigger/Signalperson training program will…

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How to Become a World-Class Rigger

Riggers are important people on the work site. Often employed in shipping yards, loading docks, construction sites, industrial warehouses, transportation depots, and other places where extraordinarily large and heavy objects or machines need to be lifted and moved from one place to another, riggers are responsible for much of the movement of consumer goods in the world. We're not talking…

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Two Kinds Of Rigging/Signalperson Credentials Available

Did you know that current Federal OSHA regulations say that ALL riggers and signalpersons must be qualified? That means if you want a job in this valuable field, you have to have the right credentials. Associated Training Services offers a program that exceeds the OSHA requirement and is recognized as one of the best in the crane and lifting industries.…

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