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Crane Operators and Their Team

When you see a mobile crane doing amazing things like precisely placing a steel beam, you actually see teamwork. Without riggers, spotters, and signalers that crane operator would be working blind. The team that a mobile crane operator is part of is a group of highly trained specialists. That’s why ATS offers a variety of specialties in our Mobile Crane…

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4 Kinds of Mobile Crane Operators

In truth, there is only one kind of mobile crane operator--a trained one. But there are 4 main types of mobile cranes that a trained operator may work on. These mobile cranes are known as: Fixed cab - The cab is that part of the crane where the driver sits. In a fixed cab crane, the driver is stationary because…

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5 Ways ATS Trains Crane Operators and Riggers

One of the highest paid categories of heavy equipment operation is the crane operator, and the rigger is an essential partner in the operator's mission. Because this is such an important job on a site, most states and insurance companies will require certifications for both positions. ATS is fully qualified to provide the training and certifications you need to hold…

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