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Increase Your Value With Heavy Equipment Training

When you get your training at Associated Training Services (ATS), you increase your value as an employee. Our Heavy Equipment Operator programs are recognized by employers all over the excavation, earth moving, and construction industries. That means graduates of ATS are already respected because they have been proven to be up to the professional standards these industries require.

Comprehensive Training Programs

Students of ATS get more than a knowledge of the machine. They learn how to read grades, use laser levels, identify soils, understand site layouts, maintain their equipment, and operate safely on the job site.

The classes use curriculum developed by the industry and instructors have national certification. That means the standards of training have the respect of employers everywhere because ATS graduates meet the standards their insurance companies demand. It also means they get employees who know their stuff.

Multiple Types of Heavy Equipment Experience

ATS training starts out in the classroom but does not stop there. After a thorough grounding in the head knowledge you need to operate heavy equipment safely, there’s in-the-seat operation of many types of heavy equipment.

This practical, whole-body training means ATS grads have experience with real heavy equipment. They sit in the driver’s seat of backhoes, wheel loaders, scrapers, excavators, bulldozers, graders, skid steers, articulated haul trucks, and all-terrain forklifts. They run the machines, feel the way it tilts or shudders on uneven ground, and learn to operate in the types of job sites the future holds.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Programs are the reason our graduates are more valuable to potential employers and the reason they get hired.

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