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Heavy Equipment or Cranes Used on Railroads

Heavy Equipment or Cranes Used on Railroads

If you are interested in operating heavy equipment, you might want to train to get a job working with the railroads. A railroad crane, which is sometimes called a crane car or wrecker, is a kind of crane that is used for working on railroads for three different purposes.

Here are reasons railroad cranes are used:

  • Freight handling
  • Permanent way maintenance
  • Accident recovery work

While the crane’s design might differ based on the kind of work it will be used for, it will have the same basic configuration. They are designed with a rotating body that is mounted onto a chassis that has flanged wheels. The body will support the boom and has the mechanisms used for operating and lifting. Most larger cranes will have a cabin for the operator.

A coupling gear is fitted onto the chassis so a locomotive can move the crane, but many cranes are self-propelled so they can somewhat move around the job site. If the crane has a jib that is larger and extends beyond the chassis length, a boom car will be provided to protect the jib and to let the crane be coupled within the train. A boom car is a flat wagon that allows the jib to be secured for transport. It often has storage areas for supplies and special equipment.

Operating Crane on Railroads

Operating a railroad crane requires special skills and training. The operator must understand the operations process and all the safety techniques because the equipment will be used for detailed jobs in tight spaces. And, if the job isn’t done correctly, it could put many lives on the line and millions of dollars of equipment at risk.

Railroad cranes have capacities ranging from 15 tons to 250 tons. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets requirements and standards regarding railroad crane operation. If you are interested in a career in railroads as a crane operator, you will need to get the proper training and certifications so you can adhere to the standards established by OSHA.

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