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Crane Operator Training – Different Cranes Require Different Training

Do you know the difference between a mobile crane, a tower crane and an overhead crane? Do you know what the training requirements are for each? Careers are often built on dreams yet the reality is often quite different to what we dream about. There are many little boys that grow up wanting to be the operator of a crane that sits on top of a skyscraper – it’s possible, if you know what the requirements are.

Mobile Crane:

Mobile cranes are the cranes you commonly see driving around. As the name suggests, they are quite mobile and generally registered and insured to drive on public highways. The skills required to operate a mobile crane will obviously include driver training. Apart from driving the mobile crane, you will also need training that fulfills the requirements of the NCCCO. In some states you will need certification to prove you have the skills and knowledge required to operate a mobile crane.

Tower crane:

Tower cranes are the cranes you commonly see on building construction sites. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Operating the more complex self erecting cranes will come with experience. Training to become a tower crane operator is similar to that of a mobile crane operator. Emphasis, however, is placed on features relevant to the tower crane. You are still required to sit an assessment for certification through the NCCCO.

Overhead crane:

Overhead cranes are cranes that typically run on tracks overhead – hence the name. Operation could be from a specialized cab to remote controls. The training required to be an overhead crane operator is different again to that of a mobile or tower crane operator. Assessment and certification is also a requirement in many states.

There is a common thread that runs through each of these cranes and it starts with your crane operator training. You can start life as a mobile crane operator and over time gain experience and further training that allows you to branch out into either tower crane operations or overhead crane operations. If your dream is to become a crane operator then start your career with one of the best mobile crane operator training organizations in the country.

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  1. I have a certificate to work an overhead crane. Now I want to work on a mobile crane. Do I have a right to work on a mobile crane also? Or do I need to take another certificate for working on a mobile crane?

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