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How To Become A Crane Operator

Becoming a crane operator is not as difficult as most people would imagine. The general impression is that crane operator training takes many months to complete and that it is a very difficult area to get a foothold in once training has been completed. This is not at all true, particularly when it comes to mobile crane operators.

You can complete a crane operator training program in as little as three weeks. This will depend on the training provider you select and the design of the training program. If you stop and think about it for a moment, operating a crane is not really all that difficult. The number of moves possible by a crane is actually fairly limited so there are not a million and one buttons, levers and pedals to remember.

The area of training that is probably most difficult are the safety aspect. This is where crane operator training is highly important. As I mentioned, the actual operation of a crane is very straightforward. Knowing the safety limits of your crane is not so straightforward since circumstances are always changing. Even wind has a major bearing on the safety of a crane.

So how do you become a crane operator? Your first step is to find a crane operator training provider who is accredited to deliver nationally recognized training. They should also be in a position to assess you and provide crane operator certification at the completion of your training. Whilst not compulsory in all states, it is in many of them. Being certified is also a selling point to becoming employed within the industry.

As far as getting your foot in the door once your training has been completed? A good training provider will also have a job placement program in place to help you gain that first job. In fact, when you look at all the facts, becoming a crane operator is not that difficult and doesn’t take months of study. If this is a career for you – what are you waiting for?

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