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What Does A Crane Operator’s Job Involve?

There is a lot more to being a crane operator than most people realize and crane operator training can be rather involved. When we see a crane at work, all we see is a load going up and an empty hook coming down – sometimes it can be the reverse – an empty hook going up and a full load coming down. To get the crane into a position where it can safely perform that task is often the more complicated part of a crane operator’s job.

A crane operator’s job can be broken down into four components. Equipment maintenance; equipment setup and dismantle; job and risk assessment; and lifting. Looking at each of these individually:

Crane maintenance: This is the more mundane part of the job. Regular walk around inspections ensuring that nothing is showing signs of wear and tear is one component. Another regular part of the job is ensuring that all fluid levels are right and that all movable parts receive regular lubricants.

Crane setup and dismantle: This is one of the most vital parts of a crane operator’s job. In fact, the crane operators own ‘life could depend on how well he sets up the equipment. Cranes work on a theory of balance and counter balance. If the crane is not set rigidly in place and well balanced, the weight of the load could for the crane to tip over. Crane operators may also need to assemble some components. Tower crane operators will always need to assemble and disassemble various parts of their own machine.

Job and risk assessment: This is an ongoing activity that should be percolating around an operator’s mind at all times. Prior to the job starting, the operator should assess the loads that need lifting, the weight of the load, and any environmental factors such as wind. Risk assessment goes hand in hand with job assessent – every part of the lift is assessed for any possible dangers.

The lift: After all that, the lift will come as an anticlimax – at least, if you have done every thing right up to this point. If everything else is right – the lift should be completed with minimal fuss.

Crane operators are well paid and have a very serious role to play on construction sites. Is this the career for you? Find out more about crane operator training . You never know, you could be on your way to a new career today.

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