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Career Opportunities For Crane Operator Training Graduates

Career opportunities for new crane operator training graduates are looking good for at least the next five years with strong growth expected across all construction areas. Crane operators are particularly fortunate when you consider how diverse the opportunities are. Whilst construction absorbs a large proportion of new graduates, manufacturing also offers opportunities in the form of overhead crane operators whilst general lifting also offers opportunities in the form of mobile crane operations.

Employment can be sporadic through the winter months in some areas as construction grinds to a halt due to weather. Opportunities do open during these periods in southern states where weather may have a smaller impact on construction.

There are opportunities to be had in areas that many forget to include in their job seeking strategies. Ports rely a lot on the use of cranes. These are specialist cranes for which specialist training may be required. That training is generally built on the foundations of basic training, skills and experience that a crane operator will have developed operating standard cranes.

Rail companies, shipping companies and trucking companies often make use of crane operators. Cranes can be found mounted on rail wagons, barges and in some freight centers. These are all areas where you could find employment opportunities.

Given the diversity of work places that use crane operators and the strong growth in construction, career opportunities for new crane operator training graduates is strong. By undertaking a recognized crane operator training program and satisfying the certification criteria, you will be well placed to take advantage of the many opportunities that are currently available.

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