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Heavy Equipment Training Is Not Just For The Young

Mention the word training, even heavy equipment training, and most middle aged people switch off. According to them, they are too old to learn new tricks and training is for the next generation. There may be a few rare situations where this may be true, however, in 95% of occupations this is far from the truth.

You can take on a whole new career at any age. In fact, maturity can be a real asset for some careers. If you were an employer, would you prefer someone young who hasn’t developed a real work ethic yet, or someone with a little maturity who has already learned some of life’s lessons? There are arguments for both, however heavy equipment operations do require a level head, a willingness to follow safety requirements and a willingness to adapt – not traits always present in today’s younger generation.

Undertaking heavy equipment training is not an age issue. If you are reasonably fit then age will not be the barrier, your desire to learn and implement what you have learned will be. There are a lot of middle aged (30-50 and older) who have successfully undertaken heavy equipment training and commenced a career as heavy equipment operators so there is no reason why you shouldn’t. This applies to women as much as men as well.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a long tradition of training people of all ages from all walks of life. Their heavy equipment training is comprehensive yet easy to follow so don’t let age hold you back – use your age to your advantage.

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