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Heavy Equipment Operators Never Retire

Heavy equipment operators are always in demand, even when they reach a point when they don’t want to be behind the controls any more. Having the skills, knowledge and experience of operating heavy equipment means you are invaluable to many employers.

One of the more obvious areas that a skilled heavy equipment operator could work in is the training industry. You have the skills – in other words you can operate the equipment; you have the knowledge – this means you know your dirt, your surfaces, the work places and the people; and of course you have the experience – you have combined the skills and knowledge and been an effective operator.

These can all be passed on to the next generation of operators. The best people to learn from are the ones that have done it, got their hands dirty, and done the work.

Other post heavy equipment operator careers could include positions as inspectors such as safety inspectors. These often require further training, however your experience behind the controls is invaluable, especially when it comes to safety.

A career as a heavy equipment operator has many possible outcomes. You don’t have to look at it as being a ‘dead end’ job. However, without the right training you will not have a career in the first place. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide you will all the skills and knowledge you require to get you started in a career. And yes, we use highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers to deliver your training.

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