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Heavy Equipment Operators – Prepare Your Beasts, Spring Is In The Air

Winter can be slow going for many heavy equipment operators. Now it’s February and while officially it is the last month of winter, some places it feels like it has just started. The end of winter of course heralds the start of spring and for many construction companies and land developers, the time to start preparing for major building developments. In some areas, ice, snow and rain make construction a difficult task.

Heavy equipment, particularly those that run on tracks as opposed to wheels, can start preparing sites even if they are still a little slushy under foot. Tracks enable these beasts to operate over slushy ground where wheels will often sink and trap a vehicle.

For operators affected by winter slowdowns, now is the time to get your maintenance over and done with. Time to make sure everything is working and in good shape. Heavy equipment, particularly when used in very conditions, often requires extra maintenance and inspection to check on possible damage done due to the temperature extremes. Even steel can crack and become brittle due to cold weather.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools late winter and early spring is when heavy equipment owners and businesses come looking for new recruits to their workplaces. ATS has such a good reputation amongst industry that rather than using traditional advertising outlets for operators, they contact us first.

If you have a desire to work in the heavy equipment industry then now is the time to commence your training so that when spring arrives, and with it employers with vacancies, you are trained and ready to fill those vacancies.

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