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Record Snow, Highways Closed, Time For The Heavy Equipment

With record snow falls being recorded across the nation, many of the interstates have been closed. Snow is up to three or four feet deep in many places; in some places it is even deeper. In times like these, once the snow stops falling, every spare piece of heavy equipment gets a call up – come clear the highways.

Whether it’s a snow plow, a grader or a front end loader, they all have their uses. The interstates are the nations life lines. Under normal circumstances, trucks would be traveling up and down the highways, often in their hundreds. With snow falling and roads blocked, these trucks become idle, often laden with perishables.

Heavy equipment operators will often work ten or twelve hours shifts clearing the highways of snow and trying to open them up as quickly as possible all the while hoping there is no more snow. On icy roads it takes a high level of skill and patience to move the blockage and get the traffic going again.

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