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Now The Federal Government Want Heavy Equipment Operators

Over the last couple of weeks we have outlined the expenditure that some of the states have allocated to road, bridge and rail projects and the effect this will have on demand for heavy equipment operators. The Federal government has now joined the party with $27.5 billion being allocated for federal highways and bridges.

That’s a lot of money and equates to a lot of mileage and bridges, all requiring heavy equipment operators, truck drivers and crane operators at some stage to complete the projects. In fact, the total amount spent on transport infrastructure will approach $200 billion.

If you examine the aims of these packages you will realize the effect they will have on employment in the construction industry in general. The main aim of course is to get money into the economy. This is done through employment and wages received along with spending on new equipment, training and raw materials. Construction industry training includes training to provide heavy equipment operators.

As a nation, we are on the brink of one of the biggest transport infrastructure building programs ever undertaken. Every state, along with the federal government, have plans in place to repair or build roads, bridges and rail networks (particularly hi-speed rail). The demand for construction workers will be huge since so many projects will come on line at the same time.

For individuals looking to enter the workforce in the construction industry, including heavy equipment operations, truck driving and crane operations, now is the time to act. Gaining qualifications in any one of these areas now will enable those who graduate to take advantage of the opportunities from day one.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have ten training centers throughout the country primed and ready to train the next generation of heavy equipment operators, truck drivers or crane operators. With the federal and state governments ready to commence work on these projects, now is definitely the time to act.

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