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Heavy Equipment Operators Greening America

Heavy equipment; bulldozers, graders, excavators; all lumbering giants with a reputation for destroying all that lays before it, right? Wrong. Heavy equipment operators have been at the forefront of greening projects for decades. In fact, since way before ‘greening’ became so important.

Whether building roads or clearing land for farming, heavy equipment operators have had a reputation for mindlessly destroying everything in sight. Many in fact had the opposite view. If they were clearing land for a road, they only cleared what was needed for that road. The same has been true for general construction and farming.

These days, heavy equipment is actively involved in rehabilitation projects and this is set to jump markedly as President Obama’s aim to create 5 million new green construction jobs over the next ten years comes to fruition. This will be achieved through an investment of $150 billion in construction, most of it in heavy construction.

For individuals who care for the environment, gaining skills as heavy equipment operators can set them up for life in careers that will help them achieve their environmental aims. Training heavy equipment operators for green projects is part of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools aim with training programs designed to pass on some of the knowledge required to work in this area.

Are you interested in greening America? Are you interested in a career as a heavy equipment operator? If you answer yes to both questions, check out what ATS has to offer in the way of training for future green heavy equipment operators.

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