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Get Your First Job Through ATS

One of the best benefits to getting your career training through a company like Associated Training Services (ATS) is you’ll gain access to thousands of employers who are hiring right now through the career services department. This isn’t just some formality. ATS really wants you to succeed in finding your first job.

Why enroll in career training if you don’t have a reasonable chance of receiving employment when you graduate? ATS sees itself as an advocate for truckers and heavy equipment operators.

In other words, we don’t just train you and throw you to the wolves. We train you and work with you until you are employed. That means we want you to get your first job because it’s a feather in our cap as much as it is income in your pocket. When you’re successful, we’re successful.

So what do you get through the ATS career services department? Here’s how we support you:

  • Personal career counseling – We work with you from your first week of training by assigning you a career services counselor. You’ll get a list of employers in your geographical area who are hiring and some tips on landing your first job.
  • Soft skills training – These are job search and interviewing skills. We don’t just train you to handle heavy equipment. We also train you in the competitive art of searching for work and landing your job – and that includes what to say in your interview, how to present yourself confidently, and even how to prepare a resume.
  • Job leads – Yes, we’ll tell who is hiring and where.
  • Career services website – Our career services website lists all the best heavy equipment and truck driving jobs nationwide. If you can’t find a job on our website, then you’re not employable. Our success rate, however, testifies to how well we train our students to find work after they graduate.

Your heavy equipment career starts the day you start training. We don’t give up on you and we won’t let you give up on yourself.

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