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Job Placement The Focus At Associated Training Services

We take a very different approach to heavy equipment training – we target our training and efforts into helping people start a career as heavy equipment operators. This means training our students in the skills that employers are looking for, not just the very basics. Our focus is also on helping students get into the workplace as operators as quickly as possible.

How do we achieve this? Our training packages include access to our career services department. They will meet with each student early on in their training to help them develop a job placement plan. This includes assistance with resumes, job applications and interview preparation. We also provide access to a database that has thousands of employers listed. This makes finding suitable employers in your region an easy task.

Our assistance doesn’t stop there. We have a dedicated jobs website that frequently lists job vacancies. These vacancies are provided by employers – a sure sign that employers trust our training and the quality of our graduates. As a graduate, you can add your resume to the database; this makes it easier for employers to find you.

If you are considering a career as a heavy equipment operator, then your focus should be on your career. Your training is just one of the steps required to develop that career, the other being experience in the work place. When looking for a heavy equipment training school, be sure to select one that has job placement as the focus, not simple basic training.

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