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Get A Job In Trucking

Last weekend, Associated Training Services (ATS) posted a pretty good listing of heavy equipment jobs and trucking jobs from around the country. Of course, we posted some on the previous weekend and the weekend before that too.

You can try to keep up with these job listings on a weekly basis, but if you put all your eggs in one basket, you are not likely to get a job at all.

The best approach to finding a job in trucking is to get the necessary training, such as a course in truck driving that prepares you for your CDL testing, and follow that up by circulating your resume to employers looking for truck drivers.

The same goes for heavy equipment jobs. If you want a job as a rigger or signalperson, as a crane operator, or as a heavy equipment operator, then you should get trained and qualified. After you’ve achieved a basic level of education in the proper skills, then you can start circulating your resume. ATS has a job bank, a list of employers looking for qualified personnel. Our career services department will help you find employment after you graduate from one of our classes.

Getting a job in trucking or heavy equipment operations is not difficult for workers who are qualified and certified. You can start that journey today.

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