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Heavy Equipment Training: Don’t Underestimate The Value Of An Employment Services Department

Transitioning from a heavy equipment training school to a full time job as a heavy equipment operator can seem daunting. It’s true of every new career unless you have had some experience in that particular industry. Jobs are advertised in a wide variety of locations so knowing where to look is often not the problem – the real problem is that most people new to an industry don’t know how to apply for any vacancies.

The construction industry can be particularly hard. Some employers rarely advertise vacancies, they rely on word-of-mouth to bring in applicants. Others will talk to people who simply walk in off the street. The latter is rare these days, but it does still happen. As a graduate from a heavy equipment training school, what is ideal is to have a friend who has the inside knowledge of industry – someone who knows the employers and who knows what these employers are looking from job applicants. Here’s the good news, you do have a friend and they do have all the knowledge you need to help you find that first job.

Associated Training Schools has a highly regarded career services department and their function is to do everything possible to help you find employment. From the beginning of your training, someone from Career Services will interview you in an effort to find out exactly what you want from your training and a new career. They will then put together a resource package that will help you find suitable employers based on where you want to work, and the type of employment you are looking for.

Career Services will also deliver ‘soft skills’ training – these are designed to help you with application letters, resumes, and interview skills – all designed to help you prove your worth to a potential employer. Our career services department can never promise to find you a perfect job – that perfect job may not even exist – however, they can help you to locate vacancies and with your job application – after that, it will all depend on how well you influence the employer. Looking for heavy equipment training that offers that little extra? Don’t underestimate the value of our Career Services department.

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