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Financing Options For Heavy Equipment Training

Career moves often come with the expense of training and this is often a stumbling block for many people. It shouldn’t be since there are so many different financing options open to people these days. Heavy equipment training prepares individuals for careers operating heavy equipment, most often in the construction industry. This industry offers good wages, often with the opportunity to work extra hours and so boosts a pay packet.

Heavy equipment training has one major benefit compared to many other career choices – your training is a relatively short three-week program. This means you could be working in your new career within a month of commencing training. That’s a quick turn around when compared to many other career choices, some of which take six to twelve months of training (or much longer) with much higher costs for training (not to mention living expenses for that period).

If you are considering a career change, and heavy equipment operations is one option on your list, consider these avenues for financing your heavy equipment training:

  • Career Loans – There are many banks that offer their customers career loans. With a quick turn around from training to working, you will be surprised at how receptive these banks are to granting a career loan.
  • USA Finance – You can make a down payment on your training and have USA Finance pay the rest. The size of your down payment will depend on how much USA Finance are prepared to lend.
  • State and Federal Grants – There are a lot of state and federal grants available. Your eligibility will depend on your circumstances or that of your families. The families of service personnel often have access to a range of training benefits.
  • ATS Options – You can apply online through our finance application process. We have a number of financing options that may be accessible to potential students.

All finance applications do need to meet standard lending criteria to include credit checks and credit scores. If your credit is not at its best, then consider applying with a co-signer whose credit is in good order. Who knows, you could develop a new well-paid career while helping to rebuild your own credit history – a win-win in the long run.

There are many options for financing training – if you are really struggling, then talk to one of our admissions personnel. They may have a few ideas you haven’t tried yet. A career as a heavy equipment operator is certainly worth the effort.

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