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Excavators In The News Pulling Down Bridges

We have mentioned in the past that excavators are for more useful than just digging trenches. Large excavators can do a number of jobs including an involvement in mining. Smaller excavators are also useful for many different jobs. In the last week there has been a lot of activity around the world involving excavators – some of the news isn’t what you see or want to be involved with while others are a sight to see.

One area that excavators are used in is rescue operations. Despite their size and power, excavators can be quite gentle when used with experienced hands. There have been two situations recently, one in Taiwan involving a landslide and another from the sub-continent also involving a landslide. In both cases, people were trapped in trains or vehicles under tons of dirt, mud and rock. Excavators were called in to quickly remove the debris so rescuers could get in.

Closer to home, excavators were hard at work, in the middle of night, demolishing a large bridge in Portage last weekend. You can see the photos of the excavators at work here. That would have a sight to see, in the middle of the night, in pouring rain, a pair of excavators virtually eating their way through this large overpass bridge – the whole area lit by large flood lights.

Of course, it takes a considerable level of skill to complete these jobs but I can guarantee one thing – the operators involved in these tasks all started with some sort of basic training. Heavy equipment training is the core to being a successful excavator operator. At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools we design our training in such a way that you leave us with the skills and knowledge required to start work immediately. If you’re ready for work, we’re ready to provide you with the skills.

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