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Excavator Training Is More Than Just Digging Holes

Excavator training has been a growth area for many years particularly as equipment manufacturers broaden the range of their models. Businesses can now buy excavators that range in size from small units suited to tight work spaces to huge machines that work in the mining industry.

It is not just size that has changed over the years. Like many of the different heavy equipment types, excavators come with a wide range of attachments designed to do a variety of jobs. Excavator training is no longer about digging trenches. Excavators can come with jack hammer type attachments, demolition attachments and a variety of bucket types. There are plenty of other attachments that I haven’t mentioned as well.

In today’s workplace, having a machine like an excavator that can do a variety of jobs is a big bonus. Having an operator that can work with each of those attachments is a must. Quality excavator training will introduce you to the various attachments, and, just as importantly, how to actually attach them. You would be surprised how many people will teach you how to use an attachment without teaching you how to attach it.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools
are accredited to train individuals on a range of heavy equipment including excavators. Their excavator training component includes basic skill requirements like walk-around inspections, workplace safety requirements and of course, how to the various attachments are fitted.

Being accredited training means that upon successful completion of the course you will be issued with a nationally recognized certificate – as you can see – there is more to excavator training than just digging holes.

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