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Excavators Are Not Just For Excavating

One popular misconception when it comes to heavy equipment is that excavators simply dig trenches. In fact, you could almost say the opposite was the case. Excavators do dig trenches, however there are other machines such as back hoes that can also do the job.

Excavators have a wide range of tasks that they can perform and they are not just restricted to the construction industry. Excavators often play a huge role in the transport of large trees. The excavator may be involved in digging out the root ball, helping to lift the tree onto a truck and, at the other end, digging the hole to take the root ball, then helping to lift the tree into that hole, The complete all around performance.

They can also be employed as part of a demolition team. Their role is varies ranging from helping to knock down walls to helping with the clean up and loading large sections of rubble onto trucks.

Excavators may also be involved with general grading and landscaping; heavy lift, particularly the lifting and placing of pipes; they have also been used in river dredging, open-pit mining and, using special hydraulic attachments, brush cutting.

The role of an excavator operator is a varied one. You can work in just about any environment from the concrete jungle of the city to the wide open spaces of the desert and everything in between. You could be digging holes today, planting trees tomorrow and involved with the precise laying of pipes the following day.

Fancy yourself as an excavator operator? The first thing you need is training, the second, a secure job. We can deliver the first and if you successfully complete your training, we may be able to help with the second. Contact ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools for more details.

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