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Earn A Great Living As A Heavy Equipment Operator

Some of the best paid careers in the construction industry is that of the heavy equipment operators. The classification of heavy equipment is broad and ranges from the enormous cranes and mining machines such as excavators to the small backyard skip loaders and backhoes.

In between is a broad range of equipment, all waiting for qualified operators and all paying well. The key to a success career in heavy equipment is in the word ‘qualified’. For example, crane operators need certification in many states. Heavy equipment truck drivers require their CDL, and most employers now want to see some form of accredited training for operators of graders, excavators or bulldozers.

Gaining the qualification is not that difficult. You can normally get qualified in as little as three weeks, depending on the level of qualification you are trying to achieve. For external qualifications such as your CDL, the end result will depend on how well you do during the assessment. Heavy equipment training can provide you with all the skills, how you implement them is up to you.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools deliver accredited training in a wide variety of equipment including cranes, trucks, bulldozers, front end loaders, graders and excavators. Since the training is nationally accredited, your training and certification will be recognized in all states. Your qualification may be recognized internationally as well although local licensing laws may apply.

Check out the videos online to see if this is the career for you. There are employers with well payed positions waiting for the right person to complete their training. Is that person you?

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