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Crane Operator Training For The Un-Skilled

There is often a mistaken belief that crane operator training (and heavy equipment training in general) requires some prior knowledge of machinery and perhaps some prior experience. As I said – this is a mistaken belief. Training for cranes and heavy equipment is often better suited to those that come into the industry with little or no knowledge of the machinery since they don’t bring with them bad habits or misconceptions. If you are totally unskilled – you may find that crane operator training is the perfect choice.

Mobile crane operator training will necessitate learning to drive a large vehicle so some driving knowledge and experience is required. Training to become a crane operator takes around three weeks with almost all students ready to sit their certification tests after that period. Training involves learning about cranes, how to set them up ready for use and, of course, how to safely and efficiently operate them.

That knowledge is acquired through your training, not through any prior experience. In many cases, students that have had prior experience, or some basic training delivered by friends or family, need to go through a re-learning process because of bad habits or poor techniques they have acquired. Being totally unskilled means you come in as a raw recruit and, if you are mentally ready, able to learn the basics quite quickly.

Good crane operators are always in demand and they can attract decent pay checks each week. Having the right base training is essential if you want to build a career as a crane operator and here at ATS Crane Operator Schools we not only deliver quality training, we deliver training to standards that the industry recognizes. Most of our students are able to find gainful employment soon after completing their training, employment that enables them to further develop their skills.

If you are totally unskilled, don’t let that stop you from becoming skilled. Crane operator training, or heavy equipment training in general, is an option that you can seriously consider – and a rewarding career you can seriously consider entering. Contact us for more information if you’re ready to become a skilled and sougt after operator of cranes or heavy equipment – we have schools across the country just waiting to give you those skills.

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