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Specialized Crane Operator Training To Meet Legislative Requirements

Many states are now in the process of adopting legislation that makes it mandatory for all crane operators to have passed a certification assessment. For many employers, this may make life difficult. Their crane operators may be highly skilled and valuable assets to the organization, but without that certification, their value could be lost overnight. The simple solution, of course, is to have those operators assessed and certified.

That is a simple solution and many employers are now taking that route. For others, the solution is not so simple. Over the years employers have used employees in multiple roles. For example, a heavy machinery operator is trained to operate a crane, but only used when the need arises. Their main use to the business is a heavy equipment operator. These individuals will also need certifying before they can again operate a crane and, given their limited experience, may struggle to pass that assessment.

This is where ATS Crane Operator Schools is in a position to assist. We are able to deliver training and assessment, either at one of our training schools or in the workplace – depending on the needs of the employer. We can also provide specialist crane operator training in workplaces that have special needs. Our training covers a variety of cranes including fixed cab and swing cab mobile hydraulic cranes, crawler or truck mounted lattice boom cranes, and rigging. We can also travel where employees that require training, assessment and certification are located in remote places.

Skilled employees are valuable assets to any business – ensure your crane operators have been tested and certified so they remain of value to your business.

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