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Crane Operator Careers – Getting Your Foot In The Door

The old saying “you have got to start at the bottom” is true for any career. For those that aspire to operating cranes atop new hi-rise constructions, you too will have to start at the bottom. At least, you will have to start at ground level. Getting your foot in the door is often the hardest part of any new career. When it comes to crane operator careers, one of the keys is your crane operator training.

Most states now have legislation in place that makes it mandatory for employers to only use certified crane operators in the work place. To gain certification, you need the appropriate training – training that prepares you for your certification assessment while also ensuring you have the skills required by employers. That, however, is just the first step.

Just because you are certified as a crane operator doesn’t mean employers are going to employ you. In most cases, employers want operators that are skilled and experienced – and that’s pretty tough on new graduates to the industry. There is one rider to that – employers are also looking for employees that will fit into their organization. ATS Crane Operator Schools has spent over 40 years training individuals for the work place. Over that time, we have also developed a good rapport with industry. We know what employers are looking for and we prepare our students ready to accept entry level employment.

Employers do look to training schools like ATS for entry level recruits. There are a lot of jobs that only require those base skills, so for employers, the rationale is quite simple – why pay extra for a skilled operator when a new recruit fresh from training school can do the job? That’s where the ATS Careers Services personnel enter the picture. They will try to match the requirements of employers with the skills and attributes of students graduating from one of our training schools. Our success rate is one that we are proud of.

If you are looking to start a career as a crane operator, we don’t just have the crane operator training and certification services available, we can help you get your foot in the door if you access our career services section. Interested? Contact ATS for more information on when and where our next training courses are scheduled.

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