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Add Mobile Crane Operator Training To Your CDL

If you have a commercial drivers license but you’ve become a little jaded with truck driving, why don’t you consider adding a mobile crane operators certification to your repertoire. Mobile crane operators combine truck driver skills and crane operator skills to become in demand operators that can be called upon to do a wide range of tasks.

Mobile cranes fill a void between the need for a fixed long term crane, and small lifting machines like excavators and fork lift trucks. Mobile cranes can lift very heavy objects yet have the mobility to move from job to job at a moment’s notice. Fixed cranes can take weeks to dismantle and reassemble in another location while excavators and fork lifts often don’t have the lifting capacity required for large objects.

You can find mobile cranes working in a wide range of jobs. In construction sites, they may well be called in to help raise and/or lower a fixed cranes components. Mobile cranes are also used to raise or lower large objects like air conditioning units and other machinery. You could also find mobile cranes at the scene of road accidents, particularly where large trucks and tankers have overturned.

Having your commercial drivers license is a good start for a career as a mobile crane operator. Don’t worry if you don’t have one; that can soon be arranged. Receiving quality crane operator training is essential for a number of reasons. The first is that quality training is the only way to give your self the best chance of successfully completing the requirements for certification as mobile crane operator. This is a requirement in most states now. The second reason is just as important – training organizations have reputations so you want to ensure you receive your training through a well recognized training company.

If you think a career as a mobile crane operator is a good fit for you then contact us at ATS Crane Operator Training Schools to learn more about our next crane operator training program.

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