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Why Choose ATS For Mobile Crane Operator Training?

Mobile crane operator training is a must if you expect to develop a career as a crane operator. It is now compulsory in almost all states to be certified as a crane operator before you can even touch a crane, let alone operate one. To gain certification, you need quality training that is designed with both the workplace and certification process in mind. This is where ATS leads the way. We are recognized as being one of the leading providers of crane operator training in the country.

Working as a crane operator is not just about pushing a pulling levers to raise, lower or move a boom. Safety requirements are essential and this includes setting up the crane prior to use, day-to-day maintenance, traveling with a crane (especially mobile cranes), and of course the safe use of a crane. Other areas of importance include environmental factors like understanding how weather, particularly wind, can affect the operations of a crane.

If you intend on entering the workplace as a crane operator then you need to ensure your training meets industry requirements. The workplace has expectations of operators, particularly new operators that have been certified. Undertaking your training through a provider that is trusted by industry also helps when trying to find employment opportunities. If your training has been provided by ATS then employers know that you have been well trained, and that your certification has been well earned.

The workplace is competitive and while crane operators may be in demand right now, employers are still going to be selective. You can give yourself a real competitive advantage by looking for training providers that deliver the very best in training outcomes. ATS prides itself on being one of those training providers – reason enough alone to select us for your training.

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