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Crane Operator Standards Set To ChangeGet Effective Training Now

The federal government is updating crane regulations and at some stage over the next 12 months new standards will come into force. This will require all crane operators to have the proper training, either through a training school or on the job. Either way, they will have to meet minimum standards and pass written tests to prove their knowledge.

This places more importance on the need for effective training that covers all the minimum standards that are being set. Under the new standards, crane operators will need to be certified. To achieve this, the new regulations will require crane operators to pass both written and practical tests in all 50 states and complete more training where necessary.

Certification will achieved through either an accredited third-party testing organization, through an audited employer testing program or by state/local licensing authorities.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools deliver accredited training for all heavy equipment including cranes. This training will be prepare you for the accreditation process. If your interested in becoming a crane operator then now is the best time to get started.

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