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Truck Mounted Cranes – Talk About Job Variety

Truck mounted cranes are popular in the field of heavy equipment because of their versatility and mobility. These days the truck mounted crane is capable of lifting quite large and quite heavy loads, in fact some come equipped with ‘feet’ that can be extended either side of the truck body to provide extra stability.

So what is the difference between a truck crane and a standard crane? Essentially nothing. The actual operation for the crane is normally the same. The same controls, the same lifting concepts, the same health and safety aspects. The only difference is that you will need a truck license to drive from one job to the next.

Where some truck mounted cranes do have a big advantage is in their ability to lift a load and drive it closer to the desired location. Obviously this cannot be done with large or very heavy objects, however each model of truck mounted crane has a safe load limit for this type of work.

Truck mounted cranes are used on construction sites, in the mining industry, and can also be found as part of an emergency team, often called in to right vehicles, trucks and trains.

The skills required to operate a truck mounted crane can be obtained through any crane operator training facility such as ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools. Check out their training offers and find the right training program for you.

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