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Ship Builders Require Heavy Equipment Operators

A lot of people wouldn’t consider a ship building yard as a user of heavy equipment or heavy equipment operators. In fact this is far from the truth.

Whilst you wont find a ship yard full of heavy equipment operators, you will find crane operators, forklift operators and front end loader operators.

The role of a crane operator is fairly obvious. They raise and lower much of the heavy materials during the assembly processes.

Forklifts, or forktrucks, also help with lifting, however their role is often to unload trucks, move laden pallets and look after stores.

Front end loaders have a curious role when compared to their normal jobs. Front end loaders in ship yards can be called upon to lift materials to a working height. These materials are often the smaller, but heavy in number items, such as rivets, rivet guns, welding rods and related materials. They act as a bucket to hold these items and as a garbage collector for used materials.

The role of a heavy equipment operator in a ship building yard can be varied and interesting. To see a large ship coming together is amazing in itself. To actually be a part of the working crew is even better.

If you fancy yourself in a ship building yard – perhaps as a crane operator, then check out ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools for a training program that may help to kickstart your career.

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