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Crane Operation – Thank Goodness For Modern Technology

Operating a crane is a piece of cake these days compared to a couple of hundred years ago. The modern crane looks nothing like those earlier devices. Today’s cranes can comfortably sit in the field of heavy equipment, back then there was nothing heavy about the crane at all.

The medieval crane must have been something to see. There were several different ways to operate them, the main one being using human power, running inside a giant wheel. Of course, as time progressed, horses were brought in to do some of the work load. Daily accidents and deaths were a standard part of a working day.

Today’s cranes are far more complicated and yet, at the same time, less complex. They are certainly a lot safer, yet they can lift far more than their earlier counterparts. The cranes of that era, particularly the simpler ones were often a lot easier to transport; but then, all you had was a large piece of reinforced timber. You could always find a fulcrum somewhere near the job site.

When you look at some of the ancient castles, you have to be amazed at how they managed to erect them using such primitive cranes – yet they did and those building still stand today.

Fortunately we don’t have to rely on those old cranes. Our mechanical cranes do the job in a fraction of time using far less manpower. The manpower that is used needs, however, far more training. That is where ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools comes in. We prepare our students for work in the heavy equipment field so they than can get the job done quickly and safely. Join the crane operators of today with effective heavy equipment training.

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