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There Is More To Cranes Than You May Think

Cranes are not just cranes, yet when it comes to their operations, cranes are just cranes. Cranes are classed as heavy equipment but of all the heavy equipment, cranes have the highest number of equipment types.

There are around a dozen different types of cranes in use around the country now and they range in size from small sit on the back of a truck type to the huge heavy construction type. The different types of cranes include:

  • Railroad Crane – this sits on a rail carriage flat bet
  • Mobile Crane – often wheeled although there are some tracked
  • Telescopic Crane – a type of crane whose boom consists of a number of tubes fitted one inside the other
  • Tower Crane – tower cranes often give the best combination of height and lifting capacity and are used in the construction of tall buildings
  • Truck Mounted Crane – a crane mounted on truck flat bed
  • Rough Terrain Crane – crane with four rubber tires that is designed for off-road and “rough terrain” applications
  • Crawler Crane – a crane mounted on a set of tracks that provide the stability and mobility of the crane
  • Loader Crane – hydraulically-powered articulated arm fitted to a trailer
  • Gantry Crane – a large installation used in container ports and rail freight terminal
  • Overhead Crane – suspended crane often found in factories
  • Stacker Crane – crane with a forklift type mechanism used in automated warehouses
  • Floating Crane – mounted on barges and used mainly in bridge building and port construction
  • Aerial Crane – aerial cranes usually extend from helicopters to lift large loads

If you are looking for a career as a crane operator then I think you will agree there are plenty of options available. Your first option is to find the right training and at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools we help you there.

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