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Construction Needs Skilled Laborers

Recent reports indicate that the construction industry is in dire need of skilled laborers. Here is a closer look at what makes skilled workers and the skills that are needed to be a skilled worker in the construction industry.

There are many must-have construction skills. To succeed you must have the following capabilities:

  • Physical strength and stamina
  • Manual dexterity and coordination
  • Strong reading and math skills
  • Building and mechanical knowledge
  • Excellent vision and depth perception

If you are a skilled worker, you will have no trouble finding employment in the construction industry. With the proper training, you can gain the skills that the field demands, and you can also get the safety training needed to protect you – and others – while on the job.

By learning how to do your job safely and how to operate the tools of the trade, you are improving your job opportunities. Also, crane operators and other heavy equipment operators are in demand in the construction industry.

Associated Training Services (ATS) has been helping construction workers get the training they need to succeed since 1959. There are specialized training programs available as well as heavy equipment, crane, rigging/signalperson, tower crane, commercial truck driving, digger derrick, and directional drilling training programs available.

Call (800) 383-7364 to discuss your training needs and to learn more about the programs we have available. We are accredited, and financial aid is available.

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