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Compact Heavy Equipment

When I talk about compact heavy equipment, I am not necessarily talking about small, today I am referring to the compactor. This equipment ranges in size from the pair of size 12’s up to to huge heavy machines.

I don’t feel like stomping along a 20 mile stretch of highway to compact the base so let’s forget the size 12’s. I don’t feel like pushing a hand held compactor along that road either so it’s time to call in the heavy equipment.

Of course compactors have one major role to play in life. They compact the surface to make a firm stable base. Compactors normally use a combination of weight and vibration. The vibration basically shakes the the base material around so that the heavy weight can force it together tightly.

Compactors are one of those heavy equipment machines that don’t necessarily require training. What is often required is training on a standard heavy equipment machine such as a tractor or bulldozer. In fact tractors are often one the machines used to tow compactors around as they perform their duty.

Of course, other aspects of heavy equipment training such as safety are equally important. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools offer a broad range of training options that may provide a base of skills required to operate a compactor. Request a free brochure or view our online videos to see what we can offer you.

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